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About Us

Divesquare is a unified diving experience for dive professionals, recreational divers and plain admirers of adventures under water. We are an independent team of enthusiasts and everybody is welcome to join us!

Using Divesquare all divers would be able to:

  • Create and update an official, CONFIRMED by your buddies logbook from both web site and mobile. That is right, no more paper!
  • Share your diving experience with buddies and dive centers around the world, no more check dives because you forgot your logbook!
  • Compare your diving performance against others.
  • Organize your diving memories, keep them safe and share them with friends on Divesquare and other social networks.
  • Find interesting destinations and dive centers, shops around the world, browse all diving-related info from your mobile device - right there, on the spot.
  • Create, view and join dive events, find new buddies and welcome your old ones.
  • Follow your favourite buddies and dive pros, or your favorite destiantions.
  • Get into the Game and start earning your Club points to show the world how serious you are.

We are pretty serious about it so expect more cool stuff in the future.
Let’s go DIVE!

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